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CODEE is a software training initiative by Tenderwoods Solutions intended to create the next generation of programmers. to solve the main problem that faced by the IT industry that is the big gap in the Technical skills of the college students and the required professionals. Our courses are for students who are looking for improving their programming skills by building applications for the booming internet users all over the world. Students will be part of the companies training policy and under direct training supervision of senior software professionals who have years of experience in developing,managing software projects and Handling software teams. Anyone who is After completion of your degree course or aspiring college students, if you feel like you are missing something, you want to be a part of the booming software industry we will help you achieve it


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Our Programs

The very best ways to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the art of building websites, including free and paid tutorials, courses, instructor-guided courses and reference material.


Game Development

What does it take to build a game like Candy Crush or Angry Birds? Come join us if you have ever dreamt of building games. We teach you to build and deploy games in Android, iOS and Windows. The course include game designing and logic programming. On completion of course you would be able to build 3D and 2D games.


Android Development

The Android Development course is primarily designed for programmers who want to learn how to create applications in Android. You will create Android Apps like Whatsapp and Instagram. You will get hands on training in building apps and deploying them in the play store. At the end of course you would be ready to make any apps without external support.


PHP Development

MySQL™ and PHP are two of the most popular open source technologies to emerge during the past decade. PHP is a powerful language for writing server-side Web applications. MySQL is the world's most popular open source database. Together, these two technologies provide you with a powerful platform for building database-driven Web applications.


PhoneGap Development

Cross Platform apps makes it easier to deploy your mobile app in multiple platforms like Android and iOS. PhoneGap is an open source framework which helps to build cross-platform mobile applications using web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). You can build mobile apps without knowledge of native languages using HTML,CSS and Js.


Web Designing

If you are just starting your journey as a developer, this is the best course you could get. We help you to learn the basics of HTML and CSS. By the end of the course you would be ready to build complete web pages using latest web standards like HTML5 and CSS3. The course also includes the basics of user experience design and an intro to Twitter Bootstrap framework.


UI/UX Course

Most of the time what distinguishes an app which everyone uses ĺom the rest of similar apps is it’s user experience. A user experience designer makes the whole experience of a user in a website or an app so easy and intuitive. There aren’t enough UI/UX experts today to fill the available job openings. Our course gives you a complete package to kickstart your career in UI/UX design.



Our program bridges the gap between the University curriculum courses and actual industry experience. We provide a 32 hours classroom training and there by Students get the benefit equivalent to a corporate training at an affordable price.


The curriculum are designed to cover real-time case scenarios and exercises that aim to address the training needs right from a novice to an expert level.Our curriculum are designed by industry experts who have rich years of industry knowledge and experience.

Live Project

Students undergoing our training will suffice the requirements of the curriculum and also learn how a project can be executed in a software development environment. Students will be introduced to various service projects undertaken by our associates and will get an opportunity to be a part of their live project for next 50 days.

Implant Training

The basic reason of implant training is for students to experience what a real software development environment should be.Students can visit and undergo training with 25+ companies associated with us.

Placement Assistance

Apart from technical training in various software & hands-on project , our team helps you get a foothold in the booming IT industry. We are associated with more than 25+ companies and our dedicated placement team will help students get job placements.


The basic reason of implant training is for students to experience what a real software development environment should be.Students can visit and undergo training with 25+ companies associated with us.










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Join thousands of front-end professionals and master JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3 and UI frameworks today!

This training is captured in live workshops. Some of the best information comes out when students ask questions and for clarification and get opinions from the experts.

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Find out how to foster a career in coding, data, design and marketing

Responsive web design is a relatively new approach to website design that ensures users have a good viewing experience no matter what type of device they’re using. It’s become increasingly important over the last few years as mobile device ownership has exploded and traditional PC sales have slowed. And now that Google is prioritizing mobile-friendly sites in its search results algorithm, it’s essential to make sure your site is optimized for mobile by using responsive design.

Hardly any of us toil away in a mountain cabin or lonely basement. We all have to work with others to get our products built. Good collaboration is a critical feature of ensuring that your UX design solutions add value and are successful. Working collaboratively is more efficient, but most importantly, it helps to ensure that your designs meet the needs of both users and your clients.

Reuse existing web development skills to quickly make hybrid applications built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Create experiences for multiple platforms with a single codebase so you can reach your audience no matter their device.

PhoneGap Build takes the pain out of compiling PhoneGap apps. Get app-store ready apps without the headache of maintaining native SDKs. Our PhoneGap Build service does the work for you by compiling in the cloud.


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